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Stoughton's Town Hall
Stoughton's Town Hall
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I've only lived in Stoughton since 2005, but I've really come to like this town. I think it's a great place for kids, as several of the top ten will explain. The sports teams for kids are great and my experience has been a real focus on the kids learning skills and having fun and not on just winning.

  1. Holiday Parade - This is just a fun town parade they've been having every year. The last few times I went, they had Santa Claus giving out presents to all of the kids. I'm not sure if they still do this part.

  2. Fourth of July Fireworks - For a small town Stoughton puts on a great fireworks display. This year was better than usual thanks to a donation from Ikea.

  3. Shopping - Lots of shopping in town or close by including BJs, Ikea, Christmas Tree Shoppe, Target, Newbury Comics ( a personal favorite), Kohls, Reebok Outlet, lots of furniture stores, and lots more.

  4. Curbside Recycling - Stoughton recycles just about everything that can be recycled and they pick it up at the curb if you can remember which week is a recycling week. You can also take it to the town recycling center near BJ's Wholesale Club. You can also recycle metal and computer/TVs (for a charge) here. Nice to see them doing what they can for the environment.

  5. Camp West Woods - My kids really enjoy going to camp here and they seem to take good care of the kids. They really like the gymnastics, the pool, and all the games they get to play.

  6. Diversity - Stoughton has a good deal of diversity and my children have friends of many different races, religions, and nationalities. The best part is they never mention it, because the differences don't mean anything to them.

  7. Central Street Pizza - I'm glad there is a good Italian Pizza Place in town. I'd have to consider moving if there wasn't. I still miss Sal and Katie's, but this is a good replacement!

  8. The Annual Irish Festival at the Irish Cultural Center - I Know this is in Canton, but it's really close to Stoughton and one of my favorite annual events.

  9. Stoughton Schools - So far we have had a very good experience with the Stoughton Schools with the exception of a minor tiff over bussing a few years ago. I do have to say their experience in elementary school was better than in middle school. They don't have the same opportunity to make connections with the teachers. I guess that is just part of the middle school experience.

  10. Kids Sports (STOYAC, Stoughton Youth Baseball, Stoughton Youth Soccer) - The town has a lot of team sports for kids and it is all about having fun and learning skills. It's also a great way to get to know people around town. These have all provided my kids with great experiences.


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